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what is URL shortener and How to use

What is URL shortener?

URL shortener is a technique by which any URL is truncated. When you shorten any URL in any URL shortener, it generates a new URL for you. This URL is shorter than before. This technique is used to shorten large URLs to be used. So that you can share it anywhere easily.

How does it work

URL shortener is a very simple technique through which URLs are shortened. In this, when you shot any URL in any URL shortener, it generates a new link. This new URL is connected to your original URL. Whenever any URL is clicked on the URL generated by the shortener, it automatically arrives at your original URL. Many URL shorteners provide expiry date and time limits so that your URL will remain valid for a time.

My URL Encryption tool

I have also published a URL shortener site for you guys, through which you can encrypt your URL and share it anywhere. Shortening the URL will prevent it from viruses and Malware. There will be no expiry date or time limit in the URL generated by my URL shortener. Those URLs will be valid for lifetime.

How to use

My URL shortener is very easy to use. In this, you have to follow the rules with a few simple steps, after which your URL will be automatically short. And it will also protect your URLs from viruses and malware.

1. Copy the URL you want to short.

2. Paste Your URL in the box.

3. click on the Generate button and encrypted link automatically generated.

4. click on the copy button.

5. All done, Now you can share it anywhere.

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